Chiropractors who offer Massage or Massage Technicians who offer Chiropractic

While Chiropractors don’t do massage and Massage Technicians don’t do Chiropractic techniques, they often share the same facilities, with some who learn massage in Brisbane, some who learn chiropractics and some who do actually learn both.  An example of this is Albany Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. Here they have physical therapists, machines and Chiropractors who can treat the whole body and it’s complex issues caused by trauma. Physical therapists move the joints so stretch the muscles. Patients use them to achieve such as bikes to strengthen joints. Weights too are used.

Tens are applied to back, knees,etc. to massage body. Heat and ice are also applied. Chiropractors manipulate the body to help it get back in allignment. Orhopoedist on staff is seen first before treatment programs geared to each individual can begin. The larger the practice, the greater the options are. Larger facilities tend to have more specialized staff and high tech equipment. It is the better option as opposed to the smaller facilities and physical therapists who come to the person’s home. The latter lacks the equipment one needs to strengthen the core so the person can support the head and upper body. The options offered are limited too.

Weight loss is encouraged also so patients have less body mass to cart around. Water based pillows, levelers, braces, icy/hot gel and sprays can often be purchased for benefit to patient as one’s medical insurance allows. Often workmen’s compensation cases are seen and therapy,medications and equipment needs to be negotiated with attorneys too if not typically covered by insurance. Massage therapy is often not cvered by standard instance but can be considered down the line out of pocket. Aromatherapy and accupucture are other therapeutic alternative remedies also.

Is sports massage necessary?

Sports massage refers to light massage for sports persons before or after an event to aid flexibility. This is as opposed to the general belief that sports massage is deep tissue massage for when one is hurt during sports. However, where one is hurt during sports, a medical massage, to treat the affected body part, is more apt.For sports persons and human beings in general, sports massage is necessary.

This is because sports massage helps loosen tense muscles after training. It also keeps muscles, tendons and joints in optimum shape to avoid injuries, thus boosting performance. A few more grounds for the necessity of sports massage is that it reduces stress and increases focus, as well as dissolves waste fluids after a sporting activity by increasing blood flow.

Sports massage also serves as a pain killer, boosts immunity by enhancing blood composition and improves general mood. It does the latter by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to happiness and dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to motivation, which are key to being a successful sports person.Furthermore, sports massage helps exercise feel easier by reducing muscle soreness, coupled with the fact that it helps you know your body and its limits.

Whether for sports persons or non sports persons, sports massage is highly recommended, particularly for its ability to make one relax, relieve stress, aid sleep, heighten immunity, improve blood flow and composition, as well as stem headaches. Above all, the key is to know what your body needs at a given point in time; sports massage, medical massage or deep tissue massage.


We are pretty sure that most people have had one of those days or weeks, where they just want to head off and enjoy a nice relaxing massage, helping them to unwind and forget about the events that have passed. However, there are some people who also come away from getting a fantastic massage, wanting to be able to do such a great job themselves.

Well, believe it or not, absolutely anyone can give a great massage, as long as they receive the right training, which is exactly where we come in. We offer one of the biggest and best massage training facilities in the country and we have fully qualified massage experts on hand to give you all the required information you need.